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This is the finished "Mohawk" build. Below you can read about the building process, and see pictures of the various stages and parts used.

The beginning.

It all started with the monoshock unit I had made at a local tech/mech school. It's a replica of the original Dirt Burners unit. Rather rough looking, but accurate to the specs I gave them. I had a total of 4 units made.

I originally had decided to use as many original vintage parts as possible, a decision I later changed, but hardened chassis rails from Pargu in Korea was planned from the beginning. The decision to move away from vintage parts came gradually, as I realised how much better new third party and re-release parts were. Cheaper and more easily available spares also played a major part.

In this picture I still had lots of vintage parts, that I changed later. The front arms, shock towers, the servo saver, the CRP FRP rear suspension plates and the Scorpion rollbar in the picture below, didn't survive to the next stage of the build. The transmission is from the re-re scorpion, the rear stabilizer is a CRP part for the Tamiya Sand Scorcher/Rough Rider, while the shock mounted on the monoshock unit is a Kyosho CB-89 from an old Kyosho 1/8 buggy.

The Tomahawk servo and radio plates were hard to come by. With the help from a friend from the "Nostalgi"-forum at who scanned the plates for me, I drew them up in CAD, and sent the files to Fibre-Lyte who made them for me in CSC, a glass/carbon composite. It's quite nice to get the parts you drew yourself, nicely packed in bags ;-) The price wasn't anything to be scared about either. Nice, Fibre-Lyte!

In the picture below I have changed the front arms to re-re arms, mounted the Fibre-Lyte plates and changed the Scorpion rollbar to a Tomahawk rollbar. I have also mounted a rear aluminum cage from Pargu. The rear wheels are from a Kyosho Optima, and had way to little off-set to be used. I intend to use modern wheels and tires, anyway.

I had planned to use Kyosho Fantom or the Kyosho 1886 shocks up front, as those are shorter versions of the CB-89 shock I have on the monoshock unit. Those are rare as hens teeth, so I quickly decided to go for plan B. As I slowly moved away from the original, vintage parts, plan B slowly started to seem like the right way to go. Plan B for the front shocks were the optional high grade shocks for the re-released Scorpion. I switched the lower (plastic) spring retainers for aluminum spring retainers from CB-89 shocks. That little thing made the shocks look so much nicer.

From Dwayne in the US, I got some special machined parts. Longer shock towers for the larger shocks, including spacers to move the shock stays further outwards to compensate for the wider front arm axle. A front stabilizer with mount incorporated in the front arm axle blocks. The blocks also have set screws to stop the arm axle from twisting. The "servo saver" isn't a servo saver, but a bellcrack that is locked. I will use a servo mounted saver from Kimbrough. The bellcrank also have more options for mounting the steering rods, and is quite a bit longer than the standard item. Last, but not least, the very important adjustable motor plate. I really can't understand why Kyosho didn't make this simple, but very valuable upgrade for the re-re's. It's beyond me.

Front wheels are Kyosho Pro-X with Shumacher tires, all 2.2.

At the rear a Traxxas wheel/tire combo for a 1/18 truggy is used. They are 2.2, and have the perfect offset for the Mohawk. The tires are glued to the wheels from the manufacturer, so I have bought a second set that I will try to remove the tires from, as I want to use Shumacher tires at the back as well.

In the picture below, the Mohawk is nearing completion, with all the abovementioned parts mounted.

Repro Tomahawk body from Team Bluegroove cut and fitted.

Body painted.

I sent an enquiry to Screenprintdigital in the UK to get some custom made stickers printed. They didn't even bother to answer. Well, fuck them then, I have arranged with custom printing from MCI Racing in Canada. I also decided to try to print my own decals, doing my best to use a combination of transparent and white vinyl, to overcome the home printers inability to print white. On the finished car, in the first picture on this page, most of the decals are home printed.

Work in progress!

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