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Akira Kogawa | Project | Technical documents
Scorpion series | Scorpion series evolution

This is the almost finished "Tomahawk - Akira Kogawa Tribute" build. I will add pictures from inside the car, as soon as I have done the wiring for the motor and ESC.

Akira Kogawa is the designer of most of Kyoshos iconic buggies from the eighties. This build was done as a tribute to Akira-san. The goal was to build a "real racer", without compromising the vision the designer had when he drew this car back in the early eighties. Adding a wing was a difficult choice, since the original design never had one. But by using a wing from one of the designers other models, and experimenting with various mounting options and positions, I believe I have achieved to somehow "blend it in", without breaking the lines of the original design. The red, white and black colors are tributes to both the original box-art colors of the car, even if they are used differently, but most importantly a tribute to the Japanese flag. There are both "Cox" and "Graupner" decals, as well as Kyosho decals on this build, something I did to acknowledge all the different brands and markets where this buggy was originally sold.

The japanese decals on the wing and on the front sides says: TOMAHAWK - RESPECT AKIRA KOGAWA

There are also some small japanese decals on the back sides that are japanese proverbs that translated say something like: "Noting ventured, nothing gained" and "You can do it if you try".

The name "Akira Kogawa", and his autograph are used with kind permission from Akira Kogawa.

Kyosho Tomahawk
A mix of vintage, re-release (Scorpion 2014), modern and custom parts, carefully selected based on features and design

-Kyosho Scorpion 2014 HG front shocks (with Dwayne aluminum lower spring retainers)
-Kyosho CB-89 rear shocks
-Kyosho Scorpion 2014 transmission
-Kyosho Scorpion 2014 universal joints
-Kyosho Pro-X 2.2 front wheels
-Kyosho UMW604 gear differential
-Kyosho SC-62 wing buttons
-Dwayne front sway bars with axle retainers
-Dwayne aluminum tall front shock towers
-Dwayne aluminum front shock tower spacers
-Dwayne aluminum tall rear shock tower
-Dwayne long bell crank (not servo saver)
-Dwayne adjustable motor plate
-Pargu hardened chassis rails
-Pargu aluminum rear cage
-Fibre-Lyte CSC servo plate (custom design)
-Fibre-Lyte CSC radio plate (custom design)
-TBG Tomahawk body (custom cut)
-TBG Javelin wing
-CRP rear sway bar, for Tamiya SRB (custom fitted)
-Graupner rear shock coil-overs
-Kimbrough servo saver
-Yokomo Dog Fighter wing mounts (bullet type)
-MST turnbuckles
-Schumacher 2.2 front tires
-Traxxas 2.2 rear wheels/tires
-Hobbywing brushed ESC
-Absima Trust B-Spec 19T brushed motor
-Sanwa 2.4GHz radio gear
-Home printed decals

2016.08.09: As you can see I have used vintage CB-89 shocks at the rear, and the Scorpion 2014 HG shocks up front. This was because the HG shocks aren't long enough for the rear, and I had given up finding the shorter version of the CB-89's, the Kyosho 1886 shocks, for the front. Now I have found a NIB set of 1886's, but I'm not sure if I will use them on this build, or if I will save them for a "vintage Scorpion racer"-build.

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