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Archive of previous updates:

12.14: A few updates to the Dyna-scorp page.
12.14: A few updates to the GPM Optima.
11.26: Added a Tamiya Subaru Brat page.
11.18: A few updates to the Dyna-scorp page.
10.10: Added a Dyna Scorpion page.
10.10: Added the GPM Mid Motor Optima.
09.17: Started on a hop-up index.....
09.04: Scorpion Vintage Racer page added.
09.03: Made a Hotshot-series page.
08.23: Updated Ultima prototype page.
08.23: Added Kyosho 1988 catalog (JP).
08.23: Added Graupner 1984 flyer (DE).
08.21: Added many ESC's.
08.11: Added the SRB MIP B-200 diff.
08.10: Added a Kyosho Maxxum FF page.
08.09: Update to the Akira Tomahawk.
08.09: Update to the Kyosho Scorpion.
08.09: Update to the Optima "Vintage Racer".
08.09: Document depository opened.
06.08: Update to the Optima "Vintage Racer".
06.08: Update to the Kyosho TOPS.
06.08: Updated the Optima series page.
06.04: Update to the CRP Superbuggy.
06.04: Update to the Optima "Vintage Racer".
06.04: Update to the Kyosho TOMS.
06.04: Update to the Kyosho TOPS.
05.26: Updated the Optima series page.
05.24: Added a Tamiya ORV-series page.
05.23: Made narrow wheels for the TOPS.
05.23: Added a Tamiya 3-speed page.
05.21: Update to the TOPS.
05.21: Updated the Kyosho Javelin page.
05.21: Added info on Mayonnaise RC.
05.16: Updated the Kyosho TOMS page.
05.16: Updated the CRP Superbuggy page.
05.15: Updated the Optima "Vintage Racer".
05.15: Small update to the Egress page.
05.14: Updated the Ford F150 Ranger XLT page.
05.14: Updated the Optima "Vintage Racer".
05.14: Updated the CRP Superbuggy page :-)
05.13: Updated the Optima "Vintage Racer".
05.13: Added a Kyosho Optima Mid series page.
05.08: Added a Kyosho Ultima series page.
05.07: Added a Kyosho 4WDS series page.
05.04: Update to the Turbo Optima Special.
04.30: Added more to the Optima tech page.
04.28: Update to the Turbo Optima Special.
04.24: Added Tamiya motor spec chart.
04.24: Added Kyosho motor spec chart.
04.15: Update to Turbo Optima Special.
04.10: Update to the Hotshot II page.
04.09: Update to the Optima 2016 page.
04.07: Update to the Jamie Booth Egress.
04.03: Painted the Kyosho eAssault.
03.26: Added the Kyosho Javelin.
03.25: Made a Optima series page.
03.23: Added another special Optima build.
03.23: Nordic Vintage Challenge page added.
03.22: Updated the Egress history page.
03.22: Updated the Optima page.
03.22: Updated the Tomahawk page.
03.22: Updated the Fox page.
03.21: Added a special Optima build.
03.20: Cleaned up the Avante pages.
03.19: Added a Vanquish review page.
03.18: Added pages for the Tamiya Vanquish.
03.16: Added pages for the Kyosho Optima Pro.
03.16: Updated the original Optima page.
03.14: Update on the Jamie Booth TRF Egress.
03.13: Samples from the Optima 2016 manual.
02.14: Update to the Graupner Red Scorpion.
02.14: Small update to the Tomahawk project.
02.14: Small update to the white Turbo Scorpion.
02.06: I bought another vintage Egress.......
02.06: Added a bit to the Acoms AP35 page.
02.06: More on the Kyosho eAssault.
02.05: Updated the Optima 2016 pages.
02.03: Added a page for the Optima 2016.
01.30: Huge update to the Circuit 1000 page.
01.28: Roofs for the Kyosho Ultima prototype.
01.24: Small update to the eAssault project.
01.24: Update to the white tub Turbo Scorpion.
01.24: Small update to the Tomahawk project.
01.24: Small update to the Egress project.
01.24: Drawings for the Dirt Burners monoshock.
01.23: Fixed up the Tamiya Ford XLT pages.
01.23: Added a page for the Tamiya Winger 4WD.
01.19: A small update to the eAssault build.
01.19: I need some Kyosho antennas.
01.19: I need some Kyosho "Cookie-cutter" wheels.
01.16: Made a special Circuit 1000 page.
01.13: Added info to the Tamiya Fox pages.
01.01: Added some Egress parts to the wanted list.

12.28: Added some reviews of the Optima Mid.
12.27: Added some reviews of the Turbo Optima.
12.23: Some good news for my Tomahawk project.
12.23: New info on the "Red Scorpion" page.
12.21: Added "tons" of Kyosho Ultima articles.
12.19: Added the Kyosho Gallop 4WDS manual.
12.19: Added the Cox Turbo Scorpion manual.
12.19: Added the Kyosho Optima manual.
12.17: Added 2 different Kyosho Tomahawk manuals.
12.17: Added 3 different Kyosho Scorpion manuals.
12.16: Fixed facebook comments on all Kyosho pages.
12.15: Added some more pics of the red Scorpion.
12.13: Ads & norwegian review for Kyosho Scorpion.
12.12: Track test of AYK Sidewinder/Gator.
12.12: Track tests & manual for AYK Buffalo/Bobcat.
12.12: Added track test & manual for the AYK Boxer.
12.10: New progress on the eAssault project.
12.06: Updated the CRP "Superbuggy" racing page.
11.28: Updated the CRP "Superbuggy" pages.
11.22: Added a WANTED section. --->
11.22: US manual and decals added for the AYK 566B.
11.21: Graupner manual for the Kyosho Beetle.
11.20: Added the Kyosho Beetle here and here.
11.18: Kyosho Gallop 4WDS page added.
11.18: Tamiya Supershot page added.
11.18: Tamiya Super Sabre page added.
11.18: Tamiya Hotshot II page added.
11.18: Tamiya The Bigwig page added.
11.15: Added more to the Kyosho Ultima Prototype.
11.08: Pages for the Kyosho Ultima Prototype created.
11.07: Part 4 of Joel Johnson Ultima restoration (pic).
11.01: Pictures of my mk.1 Tamiya Hotshot.
11.01: Kyosho eAssault (electric converted Assault).
10.31: A small update to the Tamiya Rough Rider page.
10.18: Cleaned up the CRP "Superbuggy" pages.
10.09: Part 3 of Joel Johnson Ultima restoration.

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