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Project #1 (Boomerang TC'87) | Project #2 (Winger 4WD) | Project #3 (Racer) | Technical & history | Reviews etc. | Tamiya Cup 1987

I won my Boomerang in the local Tamiya Cup (Tromsø) in 1986. The real prize was a trip to Drammen, and the Tamiya Cup nationals. I couldn't go to the nationals due to various reasons, and got the brand new Boomerang instead from the local dealer "Modellbygger'n" and the norwegian Tamiya distributor "Harald Lyche & Co.". The deal included me doing some exhibition shows with it at a local trade fair here in Tromsø. Well, that was as close as I ever got to becoming a team driver. ;-) The next year I won the local Tamiya Cup for the second year in a row, and this time I went to the nationals, where I ended up in 6th place after the body got loose in the front, halfway through the A-final. The winner of the nationals was the now world known Subaru WRC driver Petter Solberg. Now, 20 years later, my Boomerang has got world wide attention for its seven (!) shocks, due to a video from that race that has been shared in both R/C forums and WRC forums. In addition to the three original yellow shocks, it had four extra shocks mounted with the "Hotshot shock hop-up" kit, with two of the extra shocks being the beautiful Kyosho golds. I now know it was utterly ridiculous to ADD weight to a battery powered car, but it looked damned cool ;-) ....and I DID win quite a few races with it.....

Me in the red/white/blue shirt at Tamiya Cup 1987.

Apart from the 7 shocks it was equipped with Schumacher CAT tires, had a CRP front suspension brace, HotShot ball bearing kit, and various other small mods. We were told only to run standard motors, so I popped the end cap off a 540, and twisted it a couple of degrees, to get a bit more power. In time for the finals I realized that most of my competitors had been running various modified motors all the time, so I put in a Technipower for the A-final. We were of course driving on 8.4v. The radio equipment I used was a Futaba Magnum Jr. transmitter and receiver, together with the standard S128 servo. I used a Futaba MC106B electronic speed control. In my restored car I have swapped the 106B with 210CB ESC. The older 106B will go in my Sand Scorcher, where I first used it.

Notice the Kyosho gold shocks!

In addition to the mentioned problems with the body getting loose at the front, I also experienced severe radio interference in the A-final. Several times the car just turned off a straight line, and went it's own ways. I still suspect someone to have been switching on a transmitter on the same frequency I was using. I never had these problems before or after that time..... I fear it was sabotage!

But it was drama even before the final.... After the preliminary rounds the scoreboard said I was directly qualified for the A-final. But I was suddenly moved down to the B-final, while another guy was given my A-final spot. I went to ask the officials why, and they could not give me a decent answer. It seemed like we both had the exact same results, but that was not reason enough to switch our places on the scoreboard. It was then decided that the two of us would have to drive a "duel" the next day, before the finals started. The winner would take the A-final spot, while the loser had to drive the B-final. I totally burned him in the "duel", and won my place in the A-final. You can see parts of that "duel" in the beginning of the video.

The car is exactly as it was back in 1987 apart from the wheels. I originally had silver painted wheels, but they were probably sold with my HotShot. It now has a nice set of gold plated wheels.

You can read about my car in norwegian in "Modellbilens historie". Scroll down to 1987, and you'll find the "seven damper Boomerang" mentioned! ;-) You can download the famous video here, or watch it on YouTube:

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