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4WDS Series || Progress 4-wdS| Gallop 4WDS | Gallop 4WDS Mk.II

The 4WDS-series consists of just three buggies, the Progress 4-wdS, the Gallop 4WDS and the Gallop 4WDS Mk.II. This was the first series of 1/10 scale electric 4WD buggies from Kyosho, and sported a chain drive system, that we also know from the later Optima-series. Unlike the Optimas the 4WDS' chain drive was open, so the chain was exposed to the elements. As the S in the 4WDS name suggests, it also came with steering on all 4 wheels, in addidtion to four wheel drive.

The designers Shigeru Hino and Hidenori Tsuno.
The 4WDS-series came out of the Syuwa Kogyo Co. design team of Shigeru Hino and the late Hidenori Tsuno. Mr. Tsuno passed away around 2007 and Mr. Hino was still working for Kyosho until recently. He has now retired both himself and his design company. Not being nearly as popular as the later Optima-series, I find it hard to believe we'll ever see any of these buggies re-released by Kyosho, like we now see with the Optimas. The fact that Akira Kogawa didn't have anything to do with the design of these cars also strengthens that belief. He's the one behind all the current Kyosho re-releases, and he bases his work on the archives of the Auto Model Co. Since the Syuwa Kogyo Co. no longer exists, I don't know where their archives of drawings and plans went. Hopefully Kyosho have secured those documents, but you can never know for sure with these things.

Shigeru Hino enjoys his retirement with his passion for RC planes.

Differences between the models.
Some of the 4WDS buggies were sold under the Cox name in the US, and Robbe branded in Germany and certain other European countries. The Robbe version of the Gallop 4WDS was known as the Robbe Hurricane 4-wdS, while the Cox version kept the original name.

The Progress and the Gallop are basically the same cars, released at the same time in 1983, sporting a front monoshock system. The Progress came with a lexan body, wile the Gallop had a cage-style body and a lexan wing. The Gallop MK.II was released in 1985 and was slightly different as it came with a combined lexan body and cage, as well as a wing. The front monoshock had to make way for dual shocks both at the front and the rear. The shocks changed to a gold anodized color. The two first 4WDS' had similar shocks, only natural aluminum coloured. The shocks were different from all other Kyosho shocks of that era, as they had bleeding screws. The Mk.II also came with BEC circuitry to eliminate the receiver battery. In my opinion the Gallop 4WDS Mk.II is the nicest looking non-Kogawa 1/10 scale buggy in the Kyosho history. It actually makes me wonder if Akira Kogawa did the re-design of the body...... I'll have to ask him about that....

Currently I only own the #3068 Kyosho Gallop 4WDS, but I will have the other two as well, eventually :-)

Kyosho Progress 4-wdS (#3067)
Released in 1983
Chassis design by Shigeru Hino & Hidenori Tsuno
Body design by Shigeru Hino & Hidenori Tsuno
Kyoshos first ever 1/10 electric 4WD Buggy.

Kyosho Gallop 4WDS (#3068)
Released in 1983
Chassis design by Shigeru Hino & Hidenori Tsuno
Body design by Shigeru Hino & Hidenori Tsuno
Caged version of the Progress.

Kyosho Gallop 4WDS Mk.II (#3069)
Released in 1985
Chassis design by Shigeru Hino & Hidenori Tsuno
Body design by Shigeru Hino & Hidenori Tsuno
Front monoshock dropped for dual shocks.


When I get my hands on new 4WDS series parts, I'll show them here:

On it's way from Japan is this Dirt Burners! bumper for the 4WDS series..


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