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Avante Series || Avante | Vanquish | Egress | Avante 2001 | Avante (2011) | Avante (2011) Black Special | Egress (2013)
My special Avante-series builds: 1990 TRF Egress (Jamie Booth) | Dirt Burners! Avante LWB

The Avante-series was a result of a bold move by Tamiya and their chief designer Fumito Taki. Having been outrun by virtually everybody in serious competition because of minimal tuning options and cheap materials in their previous generations of 1/10 buggies, the Avante was a total antagonist to that. It offered a high level of adjustability, as well as (in some places) more rigid and expensive materials. It still contained some of the cheaper plastics that had been causing trouble since the Hotshot series, but also introduced more fiber glass and aluminum/steel parts (even carbon on the Egress). In-house hop-up options like posi joint universals, ball diffs, titanium screws, ball bearing steering etc, showed that Tamiya was serious with this buggy. Correctly set up, the Avante was quite a decent buggy, but the main problem was that you had to be a rocket scientist to achive that. The Vanquish was a cheaper version of the Avante, where most of the more expensive materials had been exchanged for the cheaper plastics mentioned earlier, and many of the adjustable elements had been removed. But not until the Egress was released, with even more specialized materials and a bit less tuning options, could the Avante-series be considered a real racing buggy. But even the Egress had trouble making an impact, because by then, most of the top drivers were involved with other teams. Tamiya did have one absolutely top-class driver in Jamie Booth (GB) who worked hard with Tamiya in enhancing the Egress, and in 1990 their combined efforts resulted in the very first "TRF" (Tamiya Racing Factory) buggy, the 1990 TRF Egress. This buggy was a one-off made by Tamiya and Jamie, and basically scrapped every idea from the original Avante series, and was used by Booth in the Bristish championship races that year, where it served as a development platform for the upcoming Top Force buggy.

The Avante-series came to an end in 1990, with the release of the Avante 2001. In 2011 the Avante (2011) was re-released, with the Avante (2011) Black Special released a year later, and the Egress (2013) a year after that.

There are also some newer buggies that use the Avante name in various forms, but I'm not going to focus on those, as those are completely different animals, based on more modern platforms.


Avante (#58072)
Released in March 1988
Chassis design by Fumito Taki
Body design by Fumito Taki
Over engineered, but damn cool.

Vanquish (#58076)
Released in December 1988
Chassis design by Fumito Taki
Body design by Fumito Taki
Cheaper version, with more plastic.

Egress (#58079)
Released in June 1989
Chassis design by Fumito Taki
Body design by Fumito Taki
The best of the Avante-series.

Avante 2001 (#58085)
Released in June 1990
Chassis design by Fumito Taki
Body design by Fumito Taki
The last one in the series.

Avante (2011) (for #58489)
Released in January 2011
Chassis design by Fumito Taki
Body design by Fumito Taki
Beautifully based on the original.

Avante (2011) Black Special (#84270)
Released in January 2012
Chassis design by Fumito Taki
Body design by Fumito Taki
Limited edition with "all" the hop-ups.

Egress (2013) (#58583)
Released in November 2013
Chassis design by Fumito Taki
Body design by Fumito Taki
Strangely missing the original front shock setup.




When I get my hands on Avante series parts, I'll show them here:

2017.01.14: Here are a few parts that I plan to use on the Dirt Burners! LWB Avante build. These are mostly parts I have dug up from my boxes.

NIB ball diffs and torque splitter set:

NIB universals:

NIB Dirt Burners! Long Wheel Base chassis and drive shaft:

NIB YSP wide bumper add-on:

NIB front and rear bumpers:

Used rear gear box and motor plate:

NIB Schumacher CAT front tires:

NIB Schumacher CAT rear tires.

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