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Project | Technical documents & reference | Dyna Sidewinder

While building my Dyna Scorpion, I came across photos of some other Dyna hopped-up models. Among them was a AYK Sidewinder that was converted to use the much more efficient first version of the MIP transmission for the Tamiya SRBs. It also used the MIP trailing arms and driveshafts, also originally made for the Tamiya. Like the Dyna Scorpion, the Dyna Sidewinder had custom made fiber glass chassis and top plate, as well as larger shocks (the red Kyosho CB-89s, the Scorpion used blue Parma shocks) and lots of other stuff. The Dyna Sidewinder in the pictures has a Kyosho Tomahawk body, and a Kyosho Scorpion wing, while the wheels, just like on the Dyna Scorpion, were the very rare Thorp wheels. I don't think the body looks as cool as the Unser Buggy body on the Dyna Scorpion, but the chassis was very tempting to try to recreate, as it's very unique, and unlike any other buggy I've seen.

Some may think it's stupid, taking a reasonably well balanced mid-motor buggy, converting it to a hanging rear motor system. Those should just chill and take their pill, as I'm building this for fun, not to win the IFMAR World Championships.

So now the game is on, I'm building a Dyna Sidewinder!

Unlike the Dyna Scorpion, the pictures I have of the Dyna Sidewinder are much less revealing in terms of showing the details of the various custom made parts, so this build will be much harder. The MIP parts are also virtually impossible to find, as noone who owns some wants to part with them. Like before I will have to rely on reproduced parts, and luckily Jeff Transou has made a 3D printed version of the gearbox, that I'll be getting. The gearbox use Tamiya SRB gears, but the only vintage SRB diff I have is the Thorp that's in my CRP Superbuggy. I do have a few left of the Tamiya ball diffs, made for the re-releases, so I'll be using one of those.

Here is Jeff Ts 3D printed MIP gearbox. I'll get one printed in black.

Jeff M has cut the MIP and the chassis parts, and they will be on their way soon ;-)

The black 3D printed MIP gearbox is ready to be sent from Jeff T.

He'll also send me these 3D printed bearing carriers for the MIP swing arms. I'll have to paint or dye them black to match the original Dyna Sidewinder.

The MIP swing arms, the "cross bar" that holds the swing arm pivot blocks and the motor plate will be cut in black fiberglass by Jeff M.

These will be a problem..... The MIP pivots and blocks will need to be recreated. The pivots are steel, the blocks are aluminum, and there is a complex bronze bushing inside the blocks. The blocks should be fairly easy to recreate, and the pivots should also be possible, although rather expensive. The bronze bushings might be the biggest problem. I could of course drop the whole thing, and go for a completely different solution.....

I'm also missing the MIP driveshafts, and I really have no hopes of getting my hands on a set anytime soon. I have ordered a bucket of these Traxxas universals, and I'll try to put something together that kinda looks like it could have been vintage. We'll see how that goes ;-)

First thing was to draw the chassis and radio plates. As I have no pictures directly from the top or the bottom, these were rather difficult to figure out. I'm still not convinced I've nailed it. I'll ask Jeff Malar to cut some prototypes from fiberglass, and then make the final adjustments before cutting the ones I'll use.


Here is the donor car I'm planning to use.




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